Domains for Good

Domains making positive headlines.

Here’s a look at some positive stories about domains that have made headlines lately…

When Paul Nicks of GoDaddy mentioned on Twitter that blood drives have been cancelled in many places due to coronavirus, it inspired the owner of to forward the domain to the Red Cross. is owned by an entity that is associated with GoDaddy, but it’s worth noting they didn’t acquire this domain name for the purposes of capitalizing on search traffic related to the current crisis. Instead, they acquired it as part of a deal that saw them taking over Uniregistry assets. The domain appears to have been a part of the portfolio as far back as 2007, so it’s clear the recent outbreaks had nothing to do with their ownership. is currently forwarding visitors to a GoFundMe webpage. setup the fundraiser to expedite the production and delivery of critical supplies to Frontline Responders combating COVID-19. The registrant is unknown as it appears the domain was recently registered (February 2020) under privacy.

Service providers take action.

A number of ICANN-accredited domain name registrars have pre-emptively banned Coronavirus-related domains from being sold on their sites. In some cases, customers can’t add domains with keywords like “covid”, “coronavirus” or “vaccine” to their carts — but they can call customer support for manual registration if they can demonstrate they want to register the domain for a legitimate purpose. They’re also working actively with authorities to take down abusive sites related to the virus, such as those peddling fake remedies or carrying out other types of scams.

ICA #domainassist initiative

The Internet Commerce Association (ICA), a non-profit organisation supporting the rights of domain name owners, has launched an initiative that is aimed at helping those in need. People can tweet their need along with the hashtag #domainassist, and those in the domain name community will see how they can help.

Domain generosity is nothing new.

How you can use your domains for good.



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